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We're gaining momentum, our shows consistently hit the top of the MIXCLOUD charts! An Exclusive Show and a couple other NEW shows every week. We currently have 10 different revolving series to listen to. 1 NO REQUESTS-Various House 2 BIG ROOM-Mainstage Bass Electro Techno 3 POP TARTS-Pop Dance Hip Hop R&B 4 DISCO HOUSE-Funky House & Nu Disco 5 POOLSIDE-Deep Afro Melodic House & Techno 6 HOUSE PARTY-Mix of various Hits Old & New 7 WHAT THE FUNK-70s 80s Old School R&B Funk & Hip Hop 8 80s 90s DANCE PARTY-80s 90s Dance Pop 9 FAVORITES-My Favs Old & New 10 MINI & MEGA MIXES


John Christopher theWKNDguy

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