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This show features tracks from Cliff Richard, Pet Shop Boys, Liza Minnelli, Mark Oh and Roger Whittaker and more.
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Hi, My name is Elena and I am writing as the Set for Peace initiative coordinator at Peace One Day. We would like to thank you so much for taking part to the Set for Peace 2015 Mixcloud Competition. This year there have been over 380 participants from all over the world. It would be fantastic if you could send us an email at [email protected] , so that we can be in touch with you in the future regarding the Set for Peace initiative and competitions. Kind regards and thanks, Elena

3 years ago


Im an addict to the lemons,wicked set to an awesome cause.

4 years ago


I'm happy to hear you guys supporting an important cause. Great selection of songs to convey your message. What does peace mean to me? I could be cliché and say a world without wars, extreme religious views, and mass famine. Answering honestly, with all the negativity we are subjected to daily, I don't know what peace is anymore. The only peace I can really find is within myself and with my loved ones; family and friends.

4 years ago


...love it !! beautiful songs and interesting talk, you two :)) there should be more of this... thank you !! that song of Louis Armstrong is legendary... :)

4 years ago


Peace Love & Positivity <3

4 years ago


anything that draws attention to this cause is one that deserves, and why am I not surprised at your involvement ? because you guys promote peace in all you do by being most humble honest and inclusive in all you do 100% respect as always to you both ;)

4 years ago


In many active and actual ways The Lemon Circus, Christian & Jamie, are ambassadors bringing people from all walks of life together.. AKA PEACE. Never have two grumpy dudes brought more laughter and a sense of community to the people of the world. I vote for The Lemon Circus!

4 years ago

Sonia Loris

G r e a t Set *** YesSs this World Have Need Peace & Love... Thank for this Moment ***

4 years ago

Guido's Lounge Café

You're right my friend, I did this set a year ago as well.. just to get the awareness for peace... it's fantastic !!! fantastic and well done :)

4 years ago

Joanne Louise Frank

1 PEACE is being able to rest, work and play without worrying about death or violence, preventable disease and clean water to drink 2 tears for fears - sowing the seeds of love xx

4 years ago

The Lemon Circus


4 years ago