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This show features tracks from Hanna Hais & Aminata Kouyate, D.K Projects, Kingbizza Keys, Roque and Stereo Tone Feat. Mosa and more.
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Shuji Kameyama

1. N'Fa Kafo (Mr. V SOLE Channel Remix) Atal byHanna Hais & Aminata Kouyate 2. A Long Hot Summer (Original Mix) HSR Records byGuido P 3. So High (Kikko Esse & E. Del Carmine Remix) Tony Records bySoulful Session Starring Natasha Watts 4. Behind The Veil (Jose Carreta's Son Liva Vocal) Quantize Recordings byTamara Wellons 5. I'll Give (Original Mix) City Soul Recordings byFlo Phielix & Jeff Smink 6. The World Is Elastic (Elastic Heart) (KidzBlock Version) bySIA 7. Everybody (Unreleased Edit) Peppermint Jam byMousse T. 8. Time (N'Dinga Gaba Dub Remix) United Music Records byDJ Oats 9. The Underground (Paul Deep & Dj Spen SA to US Remix) Quantize Recordings byAndrea Carissimi & Michele Chiavarini Feat. Roland Clark 10. Nostalgia (Alton Miller Remix) Do It Now Recordings byAfroniQue Soulz Feat. Sarai Jazz 11. Vibratone (D La Dino Remix) Deephonix Records byD.K Projects 12. Ali (Main Mix) Deep Night Entertainment byKing P, Emanual Attah 13. Never Alone/House Afrika byRoque 14. So You Think You Know Me (Original Mix) Giantstep Records byKingbizza Keys 15. City Of Dreams (Kojo Akusa Remix) Peng Africa bySoul Side Up, Leighton Moody Feat. Keeno Lee 16. Levels (Original Mix) Ultra Tone Records byGenVee & John Lundun 17. Don't Walk Away (Original Mix) DNH byStereo Tone Feat. Mosa 18. Gsp Groove/Cyber Jamz byThe Groove Victim

3 years ago


Feeling the vibe as I fade into the night.

4 years ago

Triana Romero

damn! I love you! Can we be neighbors? I promise to only complain if you don't play loud music! ;)

4 years ago