Get closer
to your fans

With Mixcloud Select, you can build your own inner circle of fans who directly support you and your shows.

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It's your channel,
at your tempo

Mixcloud Select gives you more control over your channel, so you can get closer to your biggest fans and reward them for their support.

Earn more

You set your minimum price, and your fans can choose to pay more if they wish.

Take control

Choose how and when to reward your fans with exclusive shows and content.

Get closer

Get to know your most loyal fans, wherever they are in the world.

What your fans can expect

Offline listening

Subscribers can download your shows on the Mixcloud app.

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Fair distribution model

Subscribers get to support you and the artists you play fairly and legally.

Premium playback

Subscribers can listen to your shows without playback limitations or ads.

Tailor your offering

Take control of the benefits that you offer to your fans. Whether you want to give listeners exclusive content on a weekly basis, or are simply asking for support from your most dedicated fans, its up to you.

Exclusive shows

Publish new exclusive content or hide archive shows behind a paywall.

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Early access

Give your subscribers the ability to listen to your shows before anyone else.

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Upfront tracklists

Create full tracklists for your shows and offer this as a benefit to your subscribers.

Mixcloud | Mixcloud

Extended shows

Publish extra content such as guest mixes, interviews or extended mixes exclusively for susbcribers.

Support me!

Simply tailor your messaging to ask for support from your most dedicated fans.

A model for everyone

Select is more than just a fan club. It’s a unique revenue share model where everyone involved in making the shows you listen to gets their cut– fairly and legally.

You're in good company

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Mixcloud Select is our pioneering move toward building a sustainable ecosystem for audio culture. We’re only just getting started. Whether you’re a fan or a creator, get involved.

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