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This show features tracks from Myon Shane 54 Late Night Alumni and Subscape.
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1 year ago


Under Your Cloud (Mr FijiWiji Remix) by Myon & Shane 54 + Late Night Alumni Keys N Krates - All The Time: Tove Lo Flip (Stay High Trap Remix) Eva Simons - Renegade (James Egbert Remix) Diamond Pistols feat. Anna Yvette - Twerk (Aero Chord Remix) Rootkit - Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette) Skrux - Infinite ft. Anna Yvette Zella Day - Hypnotic Adventure Club - Fade (Ft. Zak Waters) Subscape - Angels Synchronice - The Only Kstylis - Trampoline Booty (Aylen Remix) Memtrix - Ethereal Not 100%, only spent about 20 minutes on it, you can figure out the times for yourself.

4 years ago

Tomas Brooksby

Does anyone know the song at 16:20? this song, like, captures my heart. same as the song right before this.

4 years ago


Fuck yes

4 years ago


Awesome Mix! :D

4 years ago


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4 years ago


Not really understanding the track list comment logic. I know songs that you'd probably like but are currently unaware of and vice versa. That's with anyone. This is about sharing our love for music and the music we love, no? Sometimes it's impossible to ID music. If there are numerous mixes to one song then searching lyrics isn't helpful. Many underground tracks or unofficial releases cannot be ID'd using software like SoundHound or Shazam so that won't help either. What more can I do to find tracks you post that I like, you know? Not sharing the tracklist seems a little opposite of the point of music services like this. Anyway, there are some decent tracks in here that I've never heard of (and I spend a LOT of time on SoundCloud) so thanks for the upload at least...

4 years ago


yo I love it CX

4 years ago


I will not give you the tracklist anymore , It's not that I'm lazy. I want to see that you can find the songs You want to know what song is But you don't want it bad. You just kinda want it. If I would not say what songs are in the mix , would you be able to find them ? Do you think it is impossible? Or can you DO IT?

4 years ago