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This show features tracks from Rob Sparx, Audiosutrasound, East Meets West, Doctor Alimantado and D-Roy Band and more.
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5 years ago

DaVinciSound [Kane FM 103.7]

This is a great set ..thanks keiron. @ Dillon Reimer notice all the good DubStep is nothing new ...Disciples, Iration & the Mad Professor have all dropped warbling Blines over broken beats for years ..the kids needed to find a genre to define their generation, they missed out as dance music had stamped on most genres by the mid 90s! Saying that Dub Step has evolved into it's own form now ...if you like that kinda thing!

7 years ago


I just started spinning Dubstep and I wasn't sure about it at first , but I have to say it has grown on me. It is a lot of fun spinning and I like the complex beat patterns. Some of it I don't like but I have found a lot I do like. You play the type of Dubstep I like.

7 years ago


This is an Awesome set! I like the laid back tempo. I especially like the reggae influence in it.

7 years ago


Big up keiorn b! great selection!! One Love

8 years ago


Well Bruv you have been busy. Keep going its eclipse time again on the 15th. The planets rising and music can change the world. Love the track titles Prophet Lives, Born for a purpose and Zion LOL!

9 years ago


Splendid - roll on summer

10 years ago


spot on ....gonna have to listen version 1, 2 an 3 now . First mix I've listened on here after signing up, imagine that-I Iike it ...and I'm a fussy basT*rd.

10 years ago

[email protected]

Thanx mate!!

10 years ago

Nikhil Shah (DJ Sketchy)

Big sounds Keiron. Your mix has been featured, check the front page!

10 years ago