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This show features tracks from Paranoia106, Namatjira, Subconscious Tales, Arthur Minnahmetov and Bobby Deep and more.
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So good - thanks for the mix, MU!

1 year ago


very positive :)

2 years ago


Loved your mix, buddy, specially that track by MAXIM VOZISOV. Make sure you listen to my mix including PROGRESSIVE/ELECTRO and GROOVE HOUSE, like, repost and follow me if you enjoy it. I'll do the same. Link : https://www.mixcloud.com/Karsello/savage-and-argos-allies-karsello-episode-2/

2 years ago


Man, absolute mix! Full of great sounds... great great vibe. I'm so happy to have found you. Following you from this moment on!

2 years ago


Brilliant session MU !!! Always loving your progressive sets. Thanks mate :-)))

2 years ago

Ginger Vag

the kind of energy that I want in the morning. great mix my friend Morimichi

2 years ago


Absolute stunning mix MU.... what a great vibe and perfect journey. Loving this!

2 years ago

Bastian Leonidas Thomas

♥ ♥ ♥

2 years ago

David Barrau-Guiderdoni (DBG)

Trippin' session ! :)

2 years ago

Aleksandar Sarkic (DJ Sarke)

Simply outstanding, from start to finish, love that deep vibe, every track in the mix is gem, especiall glad to see you put Paranoia106 you recommended me his work, amazing producer reminds me on Hiroshi Watanabe/Kaito. Also big thumbs up for putting Seed from Matter it is even better than Pronoia from the sam single. This mix is top notch and every music lover must listen to this journey.

2 years ago


Always nice bro! Going with a flow into my weekend.

2 years ago

Jay O'MeL

magical journey !!!!

2 years ago



2 years ago


superb MU !!! ... progressive heaven :))

2 years ago