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This show features tracks from Stephen Vitiello and Taylor Deupree, Sonmi451, Alio Die and Saffron Wood, Ruben Garcia and Manual and more.
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I really enjoyed this mix. When I think of sleeping in the summer I imagine sleeping with the windows open, maybe a bit of a hot and sweaty night, with bugs buzzing around outside and you can hear the night sounds like airplanes and trains. In that vein, your mix didn't seem as evocative of summer sleep. Here are some of the albums I listen to when falling asleep in the summer time. Jean-Michel Jarre En Attendant Cousteau (specifically the title track); Brian Eno-On Land; Brian Eno-Apollo; Wendy Carlos-"Summer" from Sonic Seasonings; and Chas Smith (a variety of his tunes, most of all the album An Hour Out of Desert Center), to name some of my favorites.

3 months ago


Love it!

6 months ago

Aleks Brekunov

слушаю, за окном квакают лягушки, идеально)

1 year ago


Wonderful! Thank You!!

1 year ago


the perfect mix !

1 year ago


so spacey, quiet and dreamy )

1 year ago

skymanor ☼

Thanks for all your mixes, they are very healing

1 year ago

Lauren Kristy


2 years ago

Anna Usova

Love it! Thanks!

3 years ago

Jason Gardner

Fresh mixes house

3 years ago

Hey Palsson

wonderful, calm mix for writing. love it!

3 years ago


My dog Way T is asleep now. And i will follow.

3 years ago

Keiko Kawai

sound like fitting to my heart.

3 years ago



3 years ago

Mayuko Nagao

thanks to this seems like i wil be able to sleep well today.(⌒0⌒)/

4 years ago


it's soothing

4 years ago

Lawrence Kombela

I love this mix, it helps me sleep. Thank you.

4 years ago



4 years ago

Réjean Lévesque

Great stuff for bringing sleep or meditation.

4 years ago


I tried listening to this, and fell asleep within 10 minutes of this mix. After that, I had to stay up and actually listen to the whole of it. All I can say is I love this. So gentle and relaxing.

4 years ago