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JoAnne Tatone

is there a way to cache these for offline listening?

2 years ago

Lawrence Jinx Zada

Full Play List: intro - ken nordine - flesh, trent reznor - immigrant song, moby - in my heart (radio edit), blondie - in the flesh, fall - high tension line, psychedelic furs - india, fastbacks - space station 5, thrashwomen - sling rave curvette, meteors - my daddy is a vampire, birthday party - muntiny in heaven, 999 - little red riding hood, detroit cobras - my baby loves the secret agent, millie jackson - my boy lollypop, groovie ghoulies - my car, smashing orange - my deranged heart, veruca salt - all hail me, liars - plaster casts of everything, cabaret voltaire - fascination '82, bauhaus - spy in the cab, cure - lullaby, siouxsie and the banshees - peekaboo, jane's addiction - ain't no rights, roxy music - grey lagoons, cramps - people ain't no good, x ray spex - genetic engineering, jesus and the marychain - you trip me out, misfits - hybrid moments, die monster die - 1000 corpses, big black - bad penny, rancid - last one to die, patti smith - privilege(set me free), butthole surfers - pepper, L7 - monster, jane's addiction - stop, duane eddy - peter gunn, motörhead - please don't touch (feat. wendy o'williams), rollins band - monster, body count - there goes the neighborhood, death - rock-n-roll victim, melvins - promise me (gun club cover), demented are go! - reptile queen, plan 9 - day of the dead, mad sin - planet paradise, wall of voodoo - ring of fire, eight eye spy - run throught the jungle, johnny rivers - secret agent man, cult - rain, joy division - she lost control (12inch mix). 48 tracks - enjoy!!!

2 years ago