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This show features tracks from Afrojack, Calvin Harris feat. John Newman, David Guetta, Calvin Harris & R3Hab and Zedd and more.
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Karan Sharma

Great mix. Loving it.

5 months ago


cool second tune!

2 years ago

Berkin Tetik

Scott!! You need to make a come back soon man! Im slowly going through your mixes and this one is another amazing set!! Can't wait to hear more of these!

3 years ago

Dunny Freeze

A good mood set with much positiv vibes !! Love your Tracklist..love U2!! Thx..you make my day Scott! ;)))) xx Dunny

4 years ago

Pretty Boy Acid

Really enjoy this!

4 years ago

Daniel Kingston


4 years ago

Serhiy Maxymets

We was dancing at your mix with my GF, it rocks )

4 years ago

Chris Foreman

My critical response: First of all, this is the kind of music I would party to, at a bar, with friends, if I could either A: Go to a bar, or B: had friend. With that said, I was only able to listen to it on my commute to work, which made me look like a 34 year old raver driving down the hood in my Prius. If only I had some glow sticks and a binky. Wait, I have lots of binkies these days. Okay check. Next, this mix doesn't leave much to subtlety, which knowing you, is probably what you were going for. Even still, I don't think track three should be in there at all. The song was popular, what, like 4-5 years ago? It's not relevant anymore and I never really liked it to begin with. Also, some of your mixes can start a little earlier. The beat drops during the transitions which is okay, doesn't sound bad, but can be a little repetitive. Plus it’s like a sign that says "I just finished my mix and the next track will now begin." Likewise with style transitions. It’s a bold move going from bubblegum technopop to U2 to “Afrojack(ish)” house music. Like I said, subtlety. My final word: A strong performance considering the hiatus. I look forward to the next one and I'm sending you some track requests.

4 years ago

Thomas Izdebski

Awesome buddy!!!

4 years ago

Dj Chris Birkett

Awesome Man !! Loved it...Crusin In Style Dj Chris Birkett

4 years ago


This mix made a hard workout fly by! Great job love it!!!

4 years ago

Sue Landsman

This is a great mix Scott!

4 years ago

Scott Allan

Thank you for the support! Check out my new Facebook Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/djscottallan

4 years ago


Awesome mix dude!

4 years ago


That was excellent!

4 years ago

Col Ayr

Awesome mix Mr. Allan! Keep up the great work!

4 years ago