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Preparing for Mr Right

By Cristiane Cardoso

3.8k2916m5 years ago

Love is...

By Cristiane Cardoso

3.3k2011m5 years ago

How to make marriage work

By Cristiane Cardoso

2.5k47m48s5 years ago

The do's and don'ts in a relationship

By Cristiane Cardoso

2.4k1121m5 years ago

When to move on

By Cristiane Cardoso

2.1k714m6 years ago

What do men look for in a woman

By Cristiane Cardoso

2.4k1231m6 years ago

Yes, forgive.

By Cristiane Cardoso

1.8k1615m6 years ago

RnB Vibes 3

By therealdjhypnotic

392142m1 year ago

danger.few#40 (season#[email protected])

By danger.few!

21611h54m2 years ago

Radio Azad: BKLAHT Aug 4 2017 Relationship Part 3

By RadioAzad

232h2m3 weeks ago

Gods Talkshow 240619 - How to Reignite Your Relationship

By dannygodtalkshows

132h48m2 months ago

нуяктобісказати | Віталій Чорненький | Як вберегтись від насильства? | Епізод 5

By Urban Space Radio

176143m1 year ago

Mimi, My (Gay) Married Pastor Is A Player...? "Oh Lord...!!!"

By 'Mimi Uncensored'

169323m2 years ago

My Partner's Pussy (CAT) Is Killing Me...! Say What...?

By 'Mimi Uncensored'

18424m2 years ago



11511h9m2 years ago

We Played With Fire (3-some) & I Got Burned...! 'WTH--Not Surprised...!' Say Mimi...

By 'Mimi Uncensored'

151318m3 years ago

OMG! Her Vajayjay Is Humming: 'Oh Jesus..!!' Says Mimi...:-(

By 'Mimi Uncensored'

181323m3 years ago

What Do We Call This - PART 2 | TWITTER @DJFITZZY


172222m3 years ago

Mimi..! My Best-friend Of 5 Years Is A Lying Backstabbing Bitch....!!?

By 'Mimi Uncensored'

16627m2 years ago

Your Ex Is Not Sleeping' In Our House...!!! 'Damn Right...!' Says Mimi...

By 'Mimi Uncensored'

150418m3 years ago