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Soul Cool Records Samples With Attitude

BySoul Cool Records

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Hip-Hop History 1991 Mix

By Brooklyn Radio

30k1042h2m7 years ago

Soul Cool Records Samples With Attitude

By Soul Cool Records

15k2201h21m4 years ago

Dj Bobby Skillz - Eazy-E & N.W.A Straight Outta Compton tribute mix

By Dj Bobby Skillz

4.7k3544m7 years ago

DJ Zappa - Now This IS Old School Hiphop Vol.2

By DJ Zappa

2.7k1546m8 years ago

@DJT4Real 's Straight Outta Compton N.W.A Mix (8-15-15)

By DJT4Real

1.8k141h20m4 years ago

OLD School DJRickyRick 1988 HIP HOP mix

By DJRickyRick AKA "Uncle Ricky"

152159m2 months ago

DJ Zappa - Now This Is Old School Hiphop Vol. 1

By DJ Zappa

1.3k61h4m8 years ago

@DjGeminiLive & @EZStreet #LunchBreakMix 7-10-15 NWA Tribute Mix

By Dj Gemini

902844m4 years ago

Ice Cube - 30 Yrs. / 30 Mins. (Mix)

By mikexsessions

922130m3 years ago

Gangstaz V1

By djflashbackchicago

752257m3 years ago

ALL ABOUT HIP-HOP +++ T-Bone667RMX3011

By xXTBone667Xx

564134m7 years ago

NWA Straight Outta Compton


592137m4 years ago

Vinni Soul & KILLAKA5 - West Coast


433442m4 years ago

Beastie Boys Vs NWA

By Dj Papi Cruz

384416m3 years ago

DJ Luck-E - Blue Magic - Straight Outta Compton Mixtape

By DJLuckE

351455m4 years ago

Gangsta Rap Mixtape Tribute 2016

By TCross

407353m3 years ago

My VA - Dr. Dre - Compton #01

By DJ eDDo

381654m3 years ago

GOODFOOT Presents: N.W.A. The World's Most Dangerous Samples

By DJGoodfoot415

333329m3 years ago

@DJMisterCee Eazy E Tribute Mix on @Hot97 (3-26-12)

By djradar

407824m4 years ago


By DJ Rated R

313420m4 years ago