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Raiderland Sunday Nightcap Podcast - Hocutt Decision Time On Kingsbury, Logano Wins NASCAR 11 18 18

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14520m10 months ago

Raiderland Sunday Nightcap Podcast 12 2 18 Wells Wins Presser, CFB Playoff, Mahomes, Packers

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12011m9 months ago

R&D Podcast 1 2 18 Ryan and David talk Lady Raider Basketball, Tech Football and Men's Basketball.

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12319m1 year ago

The Extra Point with Emmie Keenan: Episode 1

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2012m4 days ago

Show 61: Study in the USA

By International Poznan

13258m4 years ago

R&D Podcast Featuring KAMC 28 Sports Director David Collier - Texas Tech FB Suspensions & Much More

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4219m1 year ago

Penn State Football

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9629m1 year ago

College Football Podcast: Week 13 Preview

By FOX Sports South Podcasts

4224m5 years ago

Raiderland Rewind TCU Stymies Texas Tech 27-3.

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3648m42s1 year ago

Raiderland Rewind 11 26 17 Kingsbury Saves Job With Win Over Texas

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1648m16s1 year ago

Raiderland's Sunday Nightcap - We celebrate Corky Oglesby, tell a few stories and more.

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13614m1 year ago

R&D Podcast 7 10 17 Kingsbury's biggest challenge and Big 12 Media Days

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3415m2 years ago

Hour 2: 6/26/19

By The Paul Finebaum Show

37m2 months ago

Raiderland Rewind ISU beats Texas Tech 31-13

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1407m34s1 year ago

Raiderland Rewind KSU drops Tech in OT 42-35

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2305m33s1 year ago

Dabo in hot water

By The Paul Finebaum Show

32m3 months ago

R&D Podcast With David Collier - Should Texas Tech Alter Offense For KU 10 16 18

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2513m11 months ago

Raiderland Rewind 12 23 17 USF Beats Texas Tech 38-34 In Birmingham Bowl - A Season In One Game

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897m32s1 year ago

The Raiderland Sunday Nightcap Podcast 12 10 17

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8113m1 year ago

Raiderland R&D Podcast How Much Does Friday Matter For Kliff Kingsbury And Texas Tech?

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17117m1 year ago