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Agile для творчих команд: як Banda Agency Scrum впроваджувала

By Kyiv_Mohyla_Business_School

674132m6 months ago

Agilidad - Celeste Benavides

By La Entrevista DigitalHunter

7327m2 months ago

CME Episode 8 with Paul Campbell "The Art of Possible"

By Change Management Executive

2814m7 months ago

Infocast 06 - Se fala "ajaiou" ou "ajile"?

By Infoproletários

5359m1 year ago

Agile Podcast 10.06.2014 Deejayjens

By ★ Deejay Jens ★

18159m5 years ago

CME Episode 6 with Noah Scalin - "Making is a Form of Thinking"

By Change Management Executive

3716m10 months ago

Yado Atiz AGILE podcast 043

By Yado Atiz

91h3m4 years ago

All Things Agile - Episode 011 - Ken Rubin Interview

By Agile Instructor - Coaching fo

35m4 years ago

Staying Agile With UIKit

By Effective Programming

37m5 years ago

All Things Agile - Episode 001 - Selecting a Good Agile Coach

By Agile Instructor - Coaching fo

9m12s4 years ago

Agile Recordings Podcast 052 with Juan Ddd

By Agile Recordings Podcast

1h1m5 years ago

Distributed systems antipatterns

By ThoughtWorks

26m1 year ago

Michael Carrel - Nationwide Insurance

By Agile Toolkit Podcast

24m1 year ago

Dave Hoover on Software Craftsmanship

By Rubiverse Podcast

36m10 years ago

Ep. 4 How To Elicit Top-Shelf Work From Digital Agencies

By Forrester's CX Cast

20m4 years ago

Ep. 27 What CX Pros Need To Know About Design Methods

By Forrester's CX Cast

15m3 years ago

AFH 059: Product Mastery with Geoff Watts [PODCAST]

By Agile for Humans - A Podcast D

46m2 years ago

Dan Fish & Gabe Weaver - Lean+Agile DC 2018

By Agile Toolkit Podcast

20m1 year ago

Agile Recordings Podcast 091 with Juan DDD

By Agile Recordings Podcast

1h2m4 years ago

STP Radio: A testing chat with Anand Bagmar & Curtis Stuehrenberg

By STP Radio

44m2 years ago