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Black America meets Africa

ByThe Soul Preacher

Afrofunk, funk, soul, jazz, afrobeat
Mukatsuku Afro Latin Mix September 2011


afrobeat, Afrofunk, latin, mukatsuku
Afro-beat 01


afrobeat, Afrofunk, Funk - Soul - Jazz, funk
You Can Shake Your Bones | Afrofunk

ByPista Sin Titulo

World, Africa, afrobeat, Afrofunk
Afrofunk shows

Afro-beat 01

By Jazzcat

21k1201h8 years ago

DJ Rosa from Milan - Funky Lounge

By Roberto * DJ Rosa from Milan *

3k401h16m6 months ago

Mukatsuku Afro Latin Mix September 2011


5.8k651m8 years ago

Post-Fela Kuti Afrobeat Part 2

By Rundfunk

4.2k301h7 years ago

Black America meets Africa

By The Soul Preacher

3.1k3041m3 years ago

Afro Parade Mix


2.1k71h15m7 years ago

Afrobeat Culture 04

By Tree60

1.6k121h2m3 years ago

DJ Rosa from Milan - Groovy

By Roberto * DJ Rosa from Milan *

1.7k221h19m3 years ago

John Stapleton (Wanted Records) - Diggers Dozen Live Sessions (August 2016 London)


1.7k1343m3 years ago

Afrobeat! Lean times call for fat afrobeat

By Rundfunk

1.3k759m8 years ago

Afromixtape en vinil especial para Nochenegra

By Ritmos y Sonidos del Mundo

221437m5 months ago

Stamp The Wax - 5th June 2016

By Radar Radio LDN

1h57m3 years ago

Golden Afrique (1971-1983): Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Togo

By Pista Sin Titulo

16252h20m4 months ago

Cloud Danko - African Fever

By Cloud Danko

979638m6 years ago

Strictly Niceness according to Blast Kid and Teddy Tendertouch

By Strictly Niceness

98921h6m7 years ago

DJ CousCous Live @ Morning Gloryville EP#43 The Motherland

By DjCousCous

1.2k71h30m2 years ago

Afro Disco Beat Summer Selection

By Waxmouse

67450m4 years ago

You Can Shake Your Bones | Afrofunk

By Pista Sin Titulo

11921h10m4 months ago

Jorge Dubman- Afrofunk & Highlife, Obscure Songs...

By Jorge Dubman

72231h10m4 years ago

Alek Lee - Soul tainted fall mix

By Alek Lee

54521h26m6 years ago