Staff Picks
Coco Cole w/ Jordan

ByCoco Cole

house, electronic, synth, disco, 80s
SYS Radio EP 37 W/ DJ Jazzy Jeff

ByPharcyde TV

80s, 90s, old school hip hop, 90's Hip Hop
Once Upon A Time 80s Dance Mix by deejayjose

ByDeeJayJose Dance Mixes

80s, 80's dance, 80s Classics, 80s Mix, club classics
Soul Cool Records/ DJNeil69 - Back to the 1980s

BySoul Cool Records

soul, groove, 80s, R'N'B, Soul Cool Records
Crack Mix 245 – iona

ByCrack Magazine

electro, 80s, electronic
Mix 70´s & 80´s 268

ByJorge Hernández Laloth

[email protected], Mix 268, 70´S & 80´S, Varios Artistas y Estilos, 80s
Wedding Promo - Open Format Oct 18 by DJ Kellz

ByDJ Kellz

hip hop, pop, 80s, RnB/Hip Hop, dancehall
Discoflair Extraordinaire August 2019

ByCrockett'n Tubbs

hip hop, reggae, 80s, space invader radio, Crockett'n Tubus
Stav B at Spiritland - 27th November 2018


Spiritland, contemporary jazz, pop, 80s
The Ian Reading Radio Show - Sunday 11th November

ByZero Radio

soul, Funk - Soul - Jazz, Jazz Funk, 80s
YE. - Break of Night


hip hop, Funk - Soul - Jazz, 80s, 90s, pop
STATIK TV Podcast - 001 - Howard Jones

ByRexx Arkana

pop, 80s, new wave, 80s/New Wave/Alternative, synth-pop
EXCEL - Super Dope Exmas


christmas, funk, old school hip hop, 80s, Disco Soul Funk Boogie Groove
12''80's - D.F.P MIX ---05/2019

ByD.F.P Aka (Dimo FromParis)

80s, 80s Classics, 80's Eighties, synth-pop, Electro Pop
Connections 161

ByEast London Radio

funk, old school, Jazz Funk, eighties, disco
Cape Town Old Skool Club Classics 16

ByDJ CraigSA

pop, old skool, 80's Eighties, 90's Dance, club classics
Foniks Show 220

BySoul Circle Radio Show

80s Mix, Soul Funk Disco Boogie, Funky Breaks, live radio show
Songs That Makes You Go Ha Ha Ha

ByAlexandar Matic

World, pop, pop rock, 70s, 80s
The 80s? — Big Time!


pop, 80s, retro, Classic Rock, 80's Eighties
EXCEL - No Jive at Gold Diggers (LA, 2019)


Party Mix, 80s, Soul Funk Disco Boogie, old school, Classics
Miami 80s Club Scene Request Mix by deejayjose

ByDeeJayJose Dance Mixes

80s, 80's dance, 80s Classics, club classics, CLUB MIX
Discoflair Extraordinaire June 2019

ByCrockett'n Tubbs

80s, space invader radio, Crockett'n Tubbs
80s shows

80's Cruise

By Scotty Fox

15k823h56m6 months ago

The Double Trouble Mixxtape 2019 Volume 37 Soul Train Edition

By Dj Joe Mfalme

16k1561h43m4 months ago

Throwback Radio #55 - The Wanderer (Flashback Mix)

By Throwbacks

12k6052m4 months ago

" Happy...Gliatevela... " Vol.7 (Dj Osso Mix)

By Dj Osso

8.7k2931m4 months ago

" Ho...ttanta voglia...Vol.2" (Dj Osso 80's Mix)

By Dj Osso

7.5k3739m4 months ago

Soul Cool Records/ DJNeil69 - Back to the 1980s

By Soul Cool Records

7.5k581h21m3 weeks ago

Beat Street

By Scotty Fox

9.7k432h7m1 month ago

80s Mix 2 by DJ Robby Lopez

By I Love 80s Music

83k3141h15m4 years ago

"Ho...ttanta voglia Vol.3" (Dj Osso 80's Mix)

By Dj Osso

6.9k341h3 months ago

YE. - Break of Night


5.3k351h24m3 months ago

24k Dance by DJ Jon Tupaz

By I Love 80s Music

14k621h6m6 months ago



27k1925m6 years ago

YE. - 1983


33k631h13m5 years ago

80's Like You Never Heard It Before Mix by DJ Aris Aguila

By I Love 80s Music

46k2022h34m3 years ago



36k17924m4 years ago

Rainy Nights In Oakland

By Scotty Fox

7.8k522h8 months ago

New Wave 80's Club Hits by DJ Ken

By I Love 80s Music

30k1321h3m1 year ago

Golden 80's 9 Roberto Calvet

By Roberto Calvet

3.6k2254m5 months ago

A Box Full of 80's Music Memories by DJ Rhenzo

By I Love 80s Music

34k1391h2 years ago

80's Mix: New Wave, Post-Punk, Synthpop

By DJ Rumor

32k2021h19m6 years ago