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Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 10 (Best Of 1986)

ByProfessor Eddy

r&b, pop, boogie, post disco, 1986
1986 shows

Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 10 (Best Of 1986)

By Professor Eddy

3.9k151h18m5 years ago

Farley Jackmaster Funk - WGCI 25.10.86

By Sarah Davies

2.1k3047m7 years ago

Amadeus 86

By DJ Daniel Thomas G

1.5k61h1 year ago

Dream Factory CD#1

By IrresistibleRichTwo

26381h16m7 months ago

1986 Ron Hardy "Music Box Classic '86" Part 1

By marcuschapmanhouse

757444m3 years ago

Annual R&B Megamix 1986 Edition

By Dailey Maddawg 76

9861h56m1 month ago

Reggae Gone Digital 1984 - 1986

By PJ Higgins *DubStar Revival*

779121h51m3 years ago


By Ron Anderson

9081h38m2 months ago

1986 Andre Hatchett "Try It Out" Part 1

By marcuschapmanhouse

586643m3 years ago

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem - August 30th 1986

By David Campbell ✯

63933h21m1 year ago

1986 Ron Hardy "Half Deep Killer" Part 1 (Tracks Half)

By marcuschapmanhouse

523741m3 years ago

1986 Ron Hardy "Money Love"

By marcuschapmanhouse

5861146m3 years ago

BBC Radio One: July 20th, 1986 - The Robbie Vincent Show: Luther Vandross Live in Detroit

By DJSam_AtmosphereProductions

503158m3 years ago

1986 Ron Hardy "All-Time Classic" Part 1

By marcuschapmanhouse

478946m3 years ago

Dream Factory CD#2

By IrresistibleRichTwo

127658m7 months ago

Paul Mulhearn Best of 1986 Mix broadcasted on Stu Allan's Souled Out

By Mr Spin

3k3845m8 years ago

Wlir 92.7 Delphine Blue Show Feb 1986 tape

By DJ Capt Kirk

481348m4 years ago

1986 Ron Hardy "Half Deep Killer" Part 2 (Deep Half)

By marcuschapmanhouse

452556m3 years ago

1986 Andre Hatchett "Deep Fire" Part 1

By marcuschapmanhouse

441350m3 years ago

1986 Ron Hardy "5 Star Freakin' Time"

By marcuschapmanhouse

46381h19m3 years ago