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This show features tracks from Caspian, Skober, Manic Brothers, Slam and Dkult and more.
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track id anyone ? 47:00

4 years ago

Niki AusserKontrolle


6 years ago

Oriente's Crowd Podcast

Chris Hearing grew up in Rheinland-Pfalz in the 1980`s. During these young and inexperienced years of his life, he already developed a strong interest in music. In his fathers drumset he found his first music production medium which set up the base for the future rythmic beats. 1996 was the year when Chris` musical taste was crucially channeled to a new style of music: techno. Just in time for the millenium his need for techno music became an addiction for Chris. From then on it no longer made sense for him to be a consumer but rather to deal with what he depended on, which was exactly what he started doing. A belt driven record player and a two-channel mixer was what he called his first equipment. At the beginning he practiced just inside his own four walls, entertaining only his mates who quickly discovered his great potential and fortunately advised him to present the art of techno to a broader public. After his first successfull performances at privat events and later public celebrations, a considerable breakthrough followed. In 2005 together with Holger Saxler alias HeadPhunk, Chris Hearing became one of the founders of "Evelution Sound", a musical joint-venture. Always hungry for more, Chris accepted the responsibility for to create the "Kickx Mix Station" of Berlin`s Net DJ`s in 2005. Ever since, on every single monday he has been streaming his sets online in a very experienced and individual manner. 2006, promoted by the releases of the Kicks Mix Stations Net-Label, Chris` sets rapidly gained a considerable degree of popularity, consequently flowing into a wave of national bookings. Promising names like "Nature One" in the beginning were later complemented by further top-spots like "Ruhr-in-love" and the "Summer-Spirit-Festival". Chris also was ordered to go to the internationally recognized Kazantip Festival in Ukraine. 2007 was meant to be more at ease but but not at all of lesser value for Chris` carreer. Together with his loyal companion HeadPhunk and in the name of Evolution Sound he initiated the open-air-series "Clubfreakz @ Wildlife". When the summer came to an end but the Clubfreakz kept on and on, it was decided to arrange for a solid roof and call for the "Clubfreakz @ nightlife" In 2008 Chris took over the Koblenz club "S38" running exclusively on DJ`s with a trans-european reputation defending his residency well into the year 2010 In 2011 Chris discovered new "hunting-grounds" moving to Düsseldorf where he did not think twice about helping to etablish "AusserKontrolle". This magnificent mass of unbounded party joy has been working deeper and deeper through the NRW underground club-scene ever since. In the end of 2012 he is also in a Booking agency from Mike Wall calling STOCKADE from Berlin and also at 2013 on his label Wall Music.

6 years ago

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