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This show features tracks from Dame Moura Lympany, Angela Brownridge, Yann Tiersen, Brian Eno and Ennio Morricone and more.
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1 month ago


So lovely, tears streaming down my face...

3 months ago


eine Wohltat mal Musik mit mehr als 2 Akkorden zu hören

5 months ago

Vade Sinmas

ohhhhhhhh ............. it's so beautiful !!! and this soothes my soul ............ thank you again dear Guido❤️🙏

8 months ago

Aleksandar Manchevski

Like this part!

9 months ago

Thomas Moll

Thanks :)

9 months ago


Excelente selection Guido, congrts. I like it very much 👍👍

9 months ago


\о/ wonderful music

10 months ago


check this out, i found the interesting information, so dont miss it

11 months ago

Quint S Ence

Stunning mix my friend a lovely tribute to a sick friend. Excellent choice of music... there are a lot of my classical favorites in here.

11 months ago

Jerry McElrath

Very nice

1 year ago


Another mix that hits the spot. Guido, this is wonderful.

1 year ago

Vojtěch Neuwirth

Absolutely beautiful, I am loving it so much. Could someone please recommend me similar music sets? I struggle to find another that can truly lead me to infinity like this one <3

1 year ago

Mary Baxter

Thank you Guido! So beautiful. Ennio Morricone's music melts my heart <3 This is soothing to the soul and makes me smile.

1 year ago


absolutely one of my very favorite mixes on mixcloud. Thank you.Peace to all.

1 year ago

Vittorio Gerlini (DjDon Vito)

Classical set fantastic Guido,i'm enjoy listening,it take me to another dimension, relaxing my mind THANKS

1 year ago

Илья Бойко

nise mix

1 year ago


Magnificent!!! Including a track from the movie, The Mission, HOOKED me! Thanks for this mix!!!!

1 year ago

Andrew Hunter

cool tunes..👌

1 year ago


love it.

1 year ago