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This show features tracks from Darren Jay, Randall, Kenny Ken, Dr. S Gachet, Micky Finn GQ & Fearless .
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DJ Detour

one of the best ever

2 weeks ago


This was paradise for facts, loved come out of there into the middle of a boot sale 😂

2 months ago

DJ Scott Simpson

Absolutely incredible set. Great mixing, great MCing. Wish I was there the crowd sound amazing throughout. Big love for this one

4 months ago

Jimmy Green

Incredible. Used to rinse this back in the day from a tape I ripped off a mate. Takes me back to AWOL nights at Victoria in 96 👍👍

10 months ago

Jonny Gillen Mclaughlin

GQ the don

1 year ago


Was there raving it up

1 year ago

Christopher DeNunno

Wow wow WOW!!!! Finest example of dnb at its best!!! Was my fave hype cd on Saturday nights going to party!!!!

1 year ago

Jonny Gillen Mclaughlin

BSD ass

1 year ago

Jason Bennett

I can't count how many times my friends and I listened to this tape!! Cranked trying to imagine being there.

1 year ago

Luke Freeland Willard

This was my first ever cd bought it from guildford market, those were the days!!!

2 years ago


Classic set. One of the best ever.

2 years ago


Anyone help me with Mickey Finns first track? About 58min??? Please and thanks!

2 years ago


one of if not THE BEST set(s) EVER , period. pure vibes, music doing its thing!! Proper

3 years ago

Dr. Goo

babylon shall fall

3 years ago

Leah Bousfield

Wish it was like this still ...... Heavy nights

3 years ago

Shaun Frazer

It was my 1st time at awol it was fucking heavy I did drop some foot that night was with me uncle and goidie

3 years ago


Cained this back in the day ... Gonna dust off the vinyl me thinks. I recon I could still busta move to this (hip permitting) Peace

3 years ago

Mark - Humphrey

We were there John Richard massive respect and Mark Humphrey shame life has to change check the bass on that proper jungle live

3 years ago

They Lie We See

Horns crew! Been a long time I listened to this. Da base too dark!

4 years ago

James Shannon

I was on the stage with my mates on this night. Martin Grubb go us VIP. It was a massive night. I was only 21 then.

4 years ago