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This show features tracks from Phil Reynolds & Costa Pantazis, Paipy, Madwave, DJ Wag and Diarent and more.
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No smoking , No drinking liqueur in the concert and party , we don't Support smoking & drinking liqueur ; Only Support Save Soul 's bright music and Trance measureless light music 【OM BHARA BHARA SAMBHARA SAMBHARA INDRIYA VISODHANI HUM HUM RU RU CALE SVAHA {HEART OF MANTRAS } ❤ ❤ ❤ I really appreciate the generosity of the teacher, give us for free music and download I swear I will do my best I can to buy and share and support All Super Trance measureless light EP. CD . DVD .Blu-ray discs in Concert and Album , I swear do my best and one day when I Die , I can give really respect All Dj and All Teacher , not for money and want to be famous's truly love & care about All sentient beings and non-sentient ( want to save Earth and All Alma =Soul ) I will give them all I have Trance measureless light music Anthem and EP .CD .DVD .Blu-ray discs (All Trance 100% and Trance classic in concert ) Trance 100% Vegan Trance {ONE HUMANITY MANY FAITHS & Universal Religion} <3 <3 <3 Trance 100% (Y) (Y) (Y) Universal Religion O:) O:) O:) ^_^ Amitabha ~ Amen ~ Virgin Mary~ Allah ~ Aloha ~ Hawaii~ Hallelujah <3 WE CAN LEAN ON Trance measureless light & love & Namo Amitabha + God + All God + Allah + One True God + Aloha + Hallelujah = SUPER HERO ( All Universal Religion In Ten Universe ) <3 Namo Amitabha is meaning ( Namo ) measureless bright + Amitayus = 南無阿彌陀佛意思的是(南無)無量光明+無量壽命 :) O:) ;) (y) (y) (y) SORRY ^_^ PLEASE FORGIVE ME O:) THANK YOU <3 I LOVE YOU ^_^ Four sentences to help you recover pure heart <3 對不起 ,請原諒我 ,謝謝你,我愛你 《 四句話幫你恢復清淨心 》OM BHARA BHARA SAMBHARA SAMBHARA INDRIYA VISODHANI HUM HUM RU RU CALE SVAHA {HEART OF MANTRAS } (Y) Namo Amitabha 嗡嘛呢乏及里吽 (Y) <3 O:) protect yourself body soul mind heart ( All is one ) 大佛頂首楞嚴如來放光如來 O:)悉怛多鉢怛囉 <3 陀羅尼(南無阿彌陀佛) 世界宗教是一體是一家{ONE HUMANITY MANY FAITHS} Trance 100%】【楞嚴心咒】 唵 阿那隸 毘舍提 鞞囉跋闍囉陀唎 槃陀槃陀你 跋闍囉謗尼泮 虎<img src='u24656'>都嚧甕泮 莎婆訶

6 months ago

DJ Spaceman

Thanks my Friend

6 months ago

RuyDj - RuiFernando

Great set :) Congrats !!

6 months ago